Easy Chicken Casserole

Serves 6

This is an easy to prepare, wholesome and comforting food. It is a delicious inclusion of commonly bought healthy immune boosting foods without the hassle of buying ingredients that put you in a spin! Here are some nutritional values of the foods going into this beautiful dish:

Carrots – rich in Vitamin A which strengthens the immune system, eyesight and is beneficial for the optimum functioning of heart, lungs and kidneys

Mushroom – is a food touted for it’s health benefits since the earliest history. The ancient Greeks called it the “Food of the Gods” and thought that it provided strength for the warriors in battle. The Chinese culture has considered it an “elixir of life”. Mushrooms are nutrient rich with high amounts of selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D, proteins, and fiber. Mushrooms have antibacterial properties, boost the immune system and lower cholesterol

Free-range chicken – is a complete protein with no added hormones and antibiotics, as it has been a healthy bird having been allowed to roam freely


  1. Carrot – 1 big
  2. Mushrooms – 5
  3. Tomatoes – 3
  4. Capsicum – 1/2
  5. Celery Stick – 1
  6. Onion – 1 medium
  7. Garlic – 5 cloves
  8. Ginger – 2 tbsps chopped
  9. Rosemary – 1 tsp dried or fresh
  10. Chilli pepper flakes – 1 tsp dried
  11. Coarse black pepper – 1 tsp
  12. Pink himalayan salt – 1 tsp
  13. Miso – 1 tbsp
  14. Balsamic Vinegar – 2 tbsp
  15. 2 tbsp Olive oil
  16. Free range chicken – 1.5 kg
  17. Water – 2 cups
  18. 1 tbsp brown rice flour


Cut chicken into 10 pieces

Chop onions, ginger and rosemary (if fresh) into fine pieces

Slice the capsicum, celery and mushrooms

Chop carrots and tomatoes into small pieces

Mix 1 tbsp Miso in water enough to dissolve it


Add olive oil into a pan and sauté the onions, garlic, ginger and add in the rosemary, chilli flakes, pepper and salt

Onions, ginger, garlic and spices

Add in the vegetables and cook for 2 mins

Put the chicken and all the contents from the pan into the casserole dish

Pour the miso liquid mix, water with brown rice flour dissolved in it and balsamic vinegar into the casserole, cover it and and place it in the oven at 180 C for 40 mins

Chicken Casserole

Remove and serve with homemade sourdough garlic bread!


Author: Healthybalance

I am a clinical nutritionist and certified integrative nutrition health coach. I run workshops on wellness and work with clients individually. I believe in an integrated approach to health. Along with nutritional advice I direct my clients to address the root cause of any imbalances in their lives. I believe in empowering people to become advocates for themselves so that they can make long-term changes that lead to their optimum health and wellness. The work of an integrative nutritionist is to help clients understand the synergy that exists between the primary areas in ones life like sleep, exercise, satisfaction in our relationships, career and other such domains and the food we eat. I work with young adults ages 12 and above and women, mostly pertaining to weight loss, gut issues, and hormonal imbalances.

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